What is Wildcard SSL?


It’s important to note that the wildcard only applies to subdomains of a single level. For example, “*.example.com” will secure “blog.example.com” and “shop.example.com” but not “sub.blog.example.com” or any other sub-subdomain.

In summary, a Wildcard SSL certificate is a cost-effective and convenient solution for securing multiple subdomains under a single domain. It simplifies the process of managing SSL certificates for websites with numerous subdomains and ensures a secure and encrypted connection for both the main domain and all its associated subdomains.

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Why use Wildcard SSL?

Using a Wildcard SSL certificate provides website owners with a cost-effective and efficient solution for securing their online presence. With a single certificate, Wildcard SSL covers an unlimited number of subdomains under the main domain. This eliminates the need to purchase and manage individual SSL certificates for each subdomain, resulting in significant cost savings and streamlined certificate management.

The flexibility of Wildcard SSL allows website owners to adapt and grow their web presence without the hassle of obtaining new certificates. As new subdomains are created for different purposes or services, the Wildcard SSL automatically covers them, providing seamless security for future expansion.


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