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In the ever-expanding realm of the internet, where digital interactions seamlessly blend with our everyday lives, ensuring the safety of online experiences has become paramount. As we navigate through websites, from e-commerce platforms to online payment gateway, the need for robust security measures is undeniable. Enter Web Sushi, a company that has taken up the mantle of safeguarding your digital journeys through their range of SSL certificates, including DV SSL, OV SSL, and the versatile Wildcard SSL.

Dishing Out Trust with Domain Validation  SSL: Simplified Security

The Web Sushi’s Domain Validated SSL (DV SSL) certificates offer a gateway to secure connections without the hassle. In a world where time is of the essence, DV SSL certificates stand as a beacon of simplicity and swiftness. With automated verification methods like email validation and DNS validation, you can have your website’s domain ownership authenticated in a short amount of time. This means quicker setup times and a padlock symbol in the browser’s address bar – an instant confidence boost for your users.

Elevating Confidence with Organization Validation SSL: Where Identity Meets Security

When your digital presence demands a touch of professionalism and identity verification, The  Web Sushi’s Organization Validated SSL (OV SSL) certificates rise to the occasion. These certificates not only validate your domain but also undertake a deeper level of authentication. Your company’s details are displayed in the certificate, showcasing your commitment to transparency and security. With OV SSL, your users can interact with your website knowing that they’re engaging with a legitimate and established entity.

Organizational SSL

Wildcard SSL: One Certificate to Rule Them All

Enter the realm of flexibility with The Web Sushi’s Wildcard SSL certificates. Imagine securing not just your primary domain, but an entire subdomain ecosystem with a single certificate. Whether it’s,, or any other subdomain you can conjure, Wildcard SSL has you covered. It’s the ultimate solution for websites with multifaceted digital landscapes, providing comprehensive security while simplifying certificate management.

Wildcard SSL



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