Domain Validated SSL

A DV SSL certificate is like a swift and nimble samurai who can protect your domain and your website with ease. Just as a skilled samurai can move quickly to deflect a simple strike, a DV SSL certificate can be issued rapidly to provide protection for your website.

Rapid SSL

Want to become a digital warrior and compete with your business rivals, The package includes everything you need to get started on taking your business digital.                                                        

$ 49.99 /year
Top Features
Secure HTTPS
Browser Padlock
SSL Warranty

USD 10,000 Warranty

256 Bit Encryption

GeoTrust QuickSSL

Want to fiercely defend your territory against all online adversaries and leaving your opponents in awe of your unmatched skills, then this package is for you!

$ 79.99 /year
Top Features
Secure HTTPS
Browser Padlock
SSL Warranty

USD 0.5M Warranty

256 Bit Encryption

Our SSL Certificates are from some of the most trusted brands in Online Security.

rapid ssl


Protect Sensitive Information

Just like a samurai who uses a secret code to protect his messages from being intercepted by his enemies, an SSL certificate encrypts sensitive information transmitted over the internet, rendering it unreadable to anyone who intercepts it during transmission. This ensures that confidential information, such as credit card details, usernames, passwords, and personal data, remains protected from unauthorized individuals, just as the samurai's messages remain secret from his enemies.


Improve your website’s legitimacy

Similar to how a samurai would guard his castle against enemy infiltration, an SSL certificate serves as a protector of sensitive information while it travels to the server. Additionally, SSL certificates function as a defender of a website's legitimacy. When acquiring an SSL certificate for your website, the domain ownership is verified through an authentication process, just as a samurai would verify the identity of anyone seeking entry into his castle to ensure that they are indeed trustworthy and not spies or enemies.


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